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The Power of Branding - How to Brand your Business in 4 simple points!


What is Branding?

Branding is all about how a business registers its name in a particular market by effective means of marketing it's USP's (Unique Selling proposition). The above image of a simple coffee cup shows how branding can make a huge difference. Branding is very important for any business today and helps in generating higher revenue.

Think of a real-time scenario between "Branded" cloth business names such as Levis, DC, Peter England, etc,.

Why do these companies are called Brand?

What makes them so different than those local shops and manufacturers near our home?

Let's Highlight & Compare a few key points that convert the Companies to brands!

1.    LOGO: It's obvious that all the branded companies have their own trademarks. This is key information that differentiates the company from the Brand. Choosing the right logo is very important for any business. Does your Logo color match with your business stream? Does your Logo is simple yet universal? Does your Logo stand out from your competitors?

2.    Moto or Vision/ Mission: Is your company created with an objective in mind? It's Very important to BRAG about your goal and objectives towards the community. Have a subtitle and moto which can be used almost everywhere in your social and online posts. Get your Brand to be known for some cause. A simple Moto or Subtitle such as "Created for Good" "Crafted with love from Africa" "Our Customer is Our king/queen" "A company created to make difference" can get your brand well established when the moto is used properly over a period of time!

3.    CSR & Goodwill: Corporate Social Responsibility plays an important role when it comes to Branding of the Company. Usually, corporate companies allocate a certain budget from their revenue for CSR activities. It's not required that big budegts need to be involved for CSR activities, even smaller companies can make use of what they have and sell to create thier own CSR activity. For example: a Fashion Boutique can provide free fashion masks for all it's customers!. Or a suparmet providing free mini hand sanitizers for all it's customers during the times like corona can make a huge impact among it's customers and community

4.    USP - Unique Selling Proposition: This is the best and easy way to promote your brand and make your brand famous around your community. Simply point out 5 points about your business and your products which are unique to your business which your competitor doesn't have. Have a brainstorming session with your employees, write down all the points you get that makes your business unique. Now choose the top 5 points. 

Start making literature around each point. a simple description explaining the points in a very clear way so that your customers can understand. Create a banner image for each of the UPS. Post 1 at a time regularly. let your existing and new customers know what you are best at! This is by far the best branding tool that worked well for me across all the companies I worked for. Try this out and let me know your learnings.

Please share this article if you find it educational. I'll be happy to answer your questions in the below comment section :)

Author: Bilal Ahmed Kaleem
Linkedin Profile - Bilal Linkedin

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