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TOP 5 IT / ICT Jobs in Africa - Information Technology

My Name is Bilal Ahmed Kaleem. I have a few of the Top IT Training and Placements Companies such as (NIIT, Aptech, IIHT & BlueCrest College) in African Countries such as Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and more to go (in god's Grace).

During my 12 years of Experience in Training and developing society in IT Field I have worked closely with Private companies, Governmental organizations, and NGOs. Interacting with them and sharing knowledge helped me to understand the need of the hour and I would like to share my knowledge through this platform.

Below is the list of top 5 jobs in the IT Sector which can land someone with a good salary package!

1.      IT – Infrastructure Management: IT Infrastructure Management is all about how ICT / IT Officers use their Networking and Computer, Server skills to manage the IT Assets of companies (such as Computers, printers, Wi-Fi modems, routers, switches, firewall etc.) in day to day basis. The Job role of ICT officer includes creating a network layout in a company and manage the day to day basis as and when any problem arises.

The Companies in Africa are growing and investing more on Internet and Communications, as the investment and devices increase in a country, so as the job roles.

Skills required to be an ICT officer – Computer hardware, Computer Software’s, Installation of Operating system, Installation of the Network environment, maintaining and troubleshooting.

2.      Web Site Development: Working in Education Business and training on Website Development, I meet a lot of companies ranging from small, medium, and large segments. One of the important queries which most of these companies ask me is, can you develop a website for our company? Most of the Small & Medium Scale companies depend on Facebook Pages and other social profiles as their source of an online presence. If you're looking for a good website developer in Africa try digicom-sl.com. They develop the websites using a unique AI Website developer with which anyone can edit a website without the need for coding skills. For more info visit digicom-sl.com (Also the proprietor of this company happens to my student from Sierra Leone :) )

Skills required to be a website developer – HTML, CSS, bootstrap, and CMS tools such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.

3.      Software Engineering – Well, I am sure this one is a little difficult for all to agree on as there aren’t many software development companies in Sierra Leone. But if you’re a software developer who can develop software and applications for computer and mobiles, you can approach companies which take projects and can easily outsource your skills. Think about developing a mobile application for companies like with which they can offer their services by phone. Wouldn’t it be good if you can book your taxi using a mobile application, how about ordering some food through mobile apps? Sounds interesting? This is what a software developer can do. With these skills, you may find it difficult to work for some companies in rural parts of Africa, but the good part is that you can start your own company and be your own boss.

Remembering Jack Ma's words

Skills required to be a software engineer – JAVA, C, C++, .NET and related programing languages.

4.      Basic ICT Jobs (office Secretary, BPO and KPO)

Basic computer usage skills with tools knowledge such as word, excel, PowerPoint, and communication tools with a little bit of researching through the internet to browse and download data can land you in a blue-collar office job. The options are not just limited to IT job roles but also Human Resources, Administration, operations, and more

Skills required – Ms Offcie package (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Browsing skills, internet, and reaching skills, computer short cut keys)

5.      IT – Security :

This field actually correlates with point number 1, however, the companies in Africa are still a long way in improving their IT Security services. But in recent times, companies have started changing their way of thinking towards IT Security. This is just a start, in few years there is going to be a huge opportunity with regards to IT Security and more and more companies will start focusing on the data security and IT security to be an important priority in their companies.

Skills required – Network Security skills, Computer security, and security devices skills.

This article is solely based on my personal knowledge and Experience in Africa, which I had gained through my personal connecting research. I would really appreciate it if you have anything more to add to this article. Please feel free to add your comments below. Let’s work towards sharing information with everyone.

Author: Bilal Ahmed Kaleem
Linkedin Profile - Bilal Linkedin

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